Remember in Prayer:

  • Keep the family Betty Seymour in your prayers as they adjust to their loss—especially C.J. and Zoey  
  • Pray for Brandy in the loss of her grandmother!
  • Baby Maverick’s temperature came down and he was doing pretty well as of last report. 
  • Amy and Matthew Rivera have a baby due on April 4. Pray for their new marriage and for an uneventful pregnancy! 
  • Johnny Stevenson Sr. has Stage 4 prostate cancer.
  • Elizabeth Sheley, Mike’s friend, found out her brain cancer is back. She is undergoing chemotherapy.
  • Cindy’s brother Donnie is not doing well physically or emotionally.
  • Vickie’s sister-in-law, Gaye, will have extensive radiation before planned surgery to remove a tumor from her leg.
  • Tammie McDowell (the Bixlers’ friend) continues her battle with cancer.
  • Pray for the health of Bob Rivera and Kirk and Pat Stewart.

Always remember:

  • Those in the military, especially Joseph Budai, B.J. Wilson and Patty Johnson’s grandson, Andrew Thompson
  • The children and staff at Manuelito Navajo Children’s Home 
  • Families serving in other mission fields
  • The homeless, and pray for Blair as he works to minister to them
  • Those suffering in Ukraine, and the refugees who have fled