Remember in Prayer:

  • Pat Stewart sent a note saying that her health has not been very good, and that it looks like Kirk will not be able to move to a facility in Colorado, as they had hoped. 
  • The family of Louise Brown
  • Minnie asked for prayers regarding some health concerns, Sciatica among them.
  • Tim Corfman is still suffering with sacroiliac pain. 
  • Pray for Brandy’s recovery from surgery on her left elbow. Her right elbow has been hurting as well, and it is hoped that will be relieved as she regains use of the left.
  • Stan Koutstaal is in a difficult battle against Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Pray for Stan’s wife Kelly and family as well. 
  • Remember the health of Donna Ricker, Bob Rivera, Kirk Stewart, and Bob Hanna.

Always remember:

  • Healthcare workers, first responders, those in law enforcement and the military. 
  • Joseph Budai is under water somewhere and B.J. Wilson is in Kuwait.
  • The children and staff at Manuelito Navajo Children’s Home as well as the families serving  in other mission fields.
  • Remember the homeless and pray for Blair as he works to minister to them.