Prayer List
    • Reginal Statom - Will's dad is beginning chemotherapy for his lung cancer
    • Dave Bawden - is progressing well
    • Kirk Stewart - did have the intravenous treatments on Thursday and Friday. Pray that he sees some benefit soon! Pat was able to be with him for the first times in three weeks.
    • Werner Schmalzl - was scheduled for testing last Saturday, but there has been another delay until Mid-April. He was also laid off from work. Pray for a clear diagnosis and good prognosis. He has been suffering!
    • Especially during this health threat, remember the ongoing health concerns of Bob Hanna, Bob Rivera, Pat Stewart, Donna Ricker, and Cindy‚Äôs friend, Pablo. The conditions they deal with on a daily basis put them at the highest risk.
    • Kurt and Roxy Picker - friends of Mark and Brenda who make regular mission trips to India, have recently returned home to Atlanta, and asked for special prayers for the people of India who are now ordered to stay in their homes for 21 days. They have been warned that violators may be shot, and many of the poorest people will be starving very quickly!