Remember in Prayer:
  • April Mathis’s grandfather passed away on Monday. April was very close to him, so keep her in your prayers!

  • Doctors believe that Randy’s cancer has returned (Cindy’s brother-in-law). He is very ill. 
  • Another work friend of Wes has asked for prayers for her nephew, who is caught up in addiction.
  • April Wiley’s friend, Linda Nunez, is diagnosed with terminal cancer, and has chosen not to undergo more chemotherapy. She has young grandchildren she is raising. 
  • Don’t forget Robert Rivera, Donna Ricker, and Bob Hanna’s health issues.
  • Pray for the many people who are distressed and anxious and ill due to the Corona virus, with a special prayer for healthcare workers, and first responders.
  • Pray for the Navajo Nation, and other Native Americans on reservations. 
  • Remember the homeless, and pray for Blair as he works to minister to them!
  • Pat Stewart is settling into her new home near Kirk’s rehab facility, but the change will be challenging! Pray that Kirk will gain strength in his legs and that he might soon be able to have visitors!
  • Wes Mathis’s work friend, Howard, has improved and is now recovering at home from the injuries incurred in his motorcycle accident.

Always remember:
  • Men and women of our military.
  • Families serving in the mission field
  • The children and staff at Manuelito Navajo Children’s Home