Prayer List

·         Lloyd Johnson passed away early Friday morning in the hospital in Bishop. Patty says she is heartbroken, but thankful that his suffering is over. Keep her and his family in your prayers.

·         Lynda’s father, J.R. Collins passed away on Thursday, July 23. Ten people at a time can visit at Woods Funeral Home on Tuesday evening with face coverings at the Woods chapel on Tuesday evening, between 4:00 and 8:00.Only ten persons will be allowed to attend the Wednesday morning service at the Bakersfield National Cemetery, but there will be a memorial luncheon in our courtyard at noon, following the service. Keep Lynda’s mom, Margaret especially in your prayers.

·         Bill Willingham’s, 40 year old nephew, Chris Willingham, passed away Friday,

·         July 24th. Our sympathy is with the Willingham family.

·         Dale Rhodes passed away July 2, Nancy is home from the hospital though battling Covid also. She would appreciate cards sent to:  Nancy Rhodes, 2059 N Arena Del Loma Dr, Camp Verde, AZ 86322

·         Kirk Stewart had another skin cancer biopsy last week, and he is continuing to lose weight. Pat is putting their house on the market with plans to move to an assisted living facility by the care center he is in, although visits are not allowed at this time.

·         Betty Demus’ 2nd cousins, Darrell Gresham is battling Covid.

·         Don’t forget Bob Hanna, Robert Rivera, and Donna Ricker.

·        Pray for our nation’s leaders and its peace and progress!

·        Pray for the many people who are distressed and anxious and ill due to the Corona virus, with a special prayer for healthcare workers, first responders, and people who work in stores and other essential places.

·        Pray for the Navajo Nation, and other Native Americans on reservations. They are suffering severely due to poverty and very limited healthcare!

 ·      Remember the homeless, and pray for Blair as he works to minister to them!